New York Harbor’s Only Jet Boat

The Beast is New York’s fastest jet boat!

Able to carry up to 138 people per ride, The Beast is nothing short of a roller coaster on the water.

Our 70-foot-long jet boat can reach a heart-pounding speed of 40 knots (about 45mph) and is equipped with twin V-16 diesel engines producing a massive amount of horsepower – about 1,400 BHP – burning over 100 gallons of fuel an hour! We send that raw power through 2ZF 3000 marine gears and output via 2 Hamilton Waterjets. What does that mean for you and your crew? A 30-minute ride of pure thrill!


the beast’s handlers ensure a fun ride!

Throughout the ride, the Beast crew pumps up the crowd with exciting upbeat music and shares authentic and fun commentary about The BEAST’s territory, New York City.

The Beast is the perfect mixture of speed, water, music, and splashes for a genuinely racy adventure. Pair that excitement with awe-inspiring scenery of the New York skyline and famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty herself – are you ready to tame The BEAST?


Are YOu Ready To Tame the beast? Now’s your chance!